Erasmus Politika Beyanı ve Erasmus Charter Belgeleri



Cag University follows the developments of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and European Union (EU) higher education policies and it is in continuous evolution. The mission of a HEI is to adapt to a changing and challenging context:

1.The  impact,  including  in  the  field  of  higher  education,  of  the  development  of  competing economies at global level

2 .Efforts at European level to overcome a long-lasting economic crisis and financial difficulties

3. The shift to a knowledge society with the explosion of knowledge, and the related issues of access to and management of    knowledge

4 .The digital and virtual space as a new layer over human communication and cooperation

5. The far reaching future of technological innovation and its impact on higher education and society

6 .Demographic changes, migrations and the growing multicultural diversity as a major phenomenon, with a stream of thousands of refugees being the most visible and tangible aspect,

7. The need for sustainability: global climate change, commitment to human values and dignity as the basis for a European common ground; the importance of personal development as the key to the quality of life,

8. New requirements for teaching staff confronted with new and complex challenges

Cag University values the importance of internationalization and modernization and aims to enhance its international profile including European and non-EU countries. And believes that, HE relevance is the compass on the road towards sustainability. To reach this target, our International Office puts great effort in choosing potential partner universities that have a common vision and mission within our internalization strategy. Thus, the International Office has also been in charge of initiating new protocols to cooperate with the partners not only in European but also in non-EU countries. International  programs  are  among  the  priorities  in  the  scientific  and  educational activity of Cag University which has been indicated by the participation in  the  Erasmus  Programs.  All the Faculties have been involved in actions targeted at internationalization, and the idea has been expressed in the documents pertaining to the University’s mission, vision and strategy. Learning mobility helps individuals increase their professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. This is the cornerstone of the internationalization and modernization of education and the main tool for the further development of the European Education Area. Our objectives are to promote international networks/partnerships, to build a competitive advantage by leveraging our knowledge and resources in the region, to encourage internationally recognized, leading-edge research with regard to academic staff and the students. Cag University has been working to expand bilateral agreements with European universities which enable students and academic staff to take part in the mobility programs, represent Cag University in national and international platforms, and introduce EU and non-EU programs to students and staff. With the idea of “Student and staff mobility makes higher education more inclusive, accessible, more attractive and competitive worldwide “ and as a part of the European Higher Education Area, we agree to;

• introduce a three-cycle higher education system consisting of bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies

• ensure the mutual recognition of qualifications and learning periods abroad completed at other universities

• implement a system of quality assurance, to strengthen the quality and relevance of learning and teaching

We strongly believe in these three key priorities below that will boost mobility and student exchanges;

• A Network of European Universities

• The automatic mutual recognition of diplomas

• A European Student Card

The objective is to create new opportunities for people in higher education to learn from one another across national borders and to work together on joint projects to develop good learning and teaching, undertake excellent research and promote innovation.

To promote the relevance of Cag University, we will;

• promote sustainable employment

• foster personal development

• encourage active citizenship

Cag University adopts an internationally oriented strategy to provide world-class education and training through an innovative academic program. Our internationalization strategy embraces both internationalization at home and abroad.  It promotes internationalization both in education and in campus life to strengthen its reputation and promote the distinctiveness to internal, regional, national and global audiences.

Cag University’s Internationalization Strategy includes the following;

• Promoting the mobility of students and academic staff

• Creating an international campus environment

• A significant level of partnership and collaboration with international institutions and organizations

• Coordination of practices and processes with international partners to enhance academic activities.

Internationalization at Home at Cag University, offers its students global perspectives within their program of study, whether or not they spend time abroad, involves developing international and intercultural perspectives through internationalized learning outcomes in the formal curriculum, makes purposeful use of cultural diversity in the classroom for inclusive learning, teaching and assessment practice, creates opportunities for student engagement with “cultural others “in local society, fosters purposeful engagement with international students and is planning to include virtual mobility through its virtual campus in Second Life Virtual world platform. Through this Virtual platform, Cag University’s students could communicate with guest lecturers that come from all over the world  as well as they are taking part in international projects  and have impact on the international community. For example in the spring semester 2019, the students worked collaboratively with a German organization in order to help kids in Kenya. They provided meals for the Kenyan kids by fund raising through virtual World. Cag University is planning to increase its virtual presence and increase the virtual mobility and connection through new technological developments.

Participation to the Erasmus Program is expected to have considerable contribution to Cag University on all five priorities of the Higher Education Modernization Agenda.

1. Increasing achievement levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs

2. Improving the quality and relevance of higher education

3. Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation

4. Linking higher education, research and business for excellences and regional development

5. Improving governance and funding

Therefore; Cag University offers an international experience to all of its students either via the curriculum or mobility by encouraging broad participation in its academic and administrative staff by the help of different opportunities connected to the main areas of educational activity.

The expected impact of the Program is the enhancement of methodology of teaching that would result in the acquisitions of skills and competences that positively influence students’ employability.

The impact in quality improvement is also expected to be substantial. Through faculty mobility and participation in IP programs, faculty members will gain invaluable experiences through exposure to students and educational systems of other member states. This experience, as well as the interaction with colleagues from other Universities will invariably improve teaching and research. Furthermore, with student mobility programs and mobility for placement, our students will greatly improve their core competences and contribute in high-skill occupations. Additionally, through programs we will develop new programs of study such as eLearning. It is expected that we will further advance in the use, adoption and provision of such technologies within its operations, thus providing the society access to further forms of learning.

Cag University fully understands the importance of strengthening the links between education, research and business as this triangle is the key to innovation and overall advancement of society. Participation in the Program further strengthens our efforts towards our goal. The use of Preparatory Visits as well as faculty mobility will allow for stronger ties between academics on research and education and will also enhance relationships with the industry and business world in Europe, assisting higher education and business cooperation. The participation in the Program would help define new areas of involvement of business partners, adjust courses to the needs of labour market and yield mutual transfer of knowledge to enhance the research potential and increase the level of innovation. Participation in the Program also provides an opportunity to establish measures that would improve the management of an institution and enhance its autonomy and accountability. By expanding the areas of activity and setting up new partnerships, the institution wishes to develop measures to obtain funding from various sources, as well as increase the potential of administrative units to manage these resources.

Cag University expects its participation in the program to impact;

• Increasing the quality and relevance of higher education

• Strengthening quality through mobility and international cooperations

• Expanding its visibility

• Establishing strong links with its partner institutions and creating new ones

• Improving mobility both in quality and quantity

• Establishing cooperative relations with other virtual campuses

• The modernization of curriculum as a response to the needs of society

• Strengthening the link between HEI, research and innovation


As a higher institution at the tertiary level, Cag University has a mission to provide world-class education and training; to train individuals who put emphasis on free thought and creativity, who have universal values and a global vision, who have the principle to reach the level of contemporary civilization in accordance with Kemalist thought and who have acquired the necessary qualifications required by the changes to train other individuals to be ready for a life that will lead to social development.

 We accomplish this mission   through an innovative academic program, to develop individuals who are creative and enlightened, who have a global perspective, enriched with the ability to think and express his/her opinion independently.

The vision of Cag University is; “To be the center of creating and sharing knowledge through quality education and training both in the national and international arena.” With this vision in mind, Cag University has been continuously expanding the number of its international partners and its visibility in the international arena. We strongly believe in the fundamental values of Justice / Fairness Transparency, Continuous improvement and development (Innovation and Perfectionism), Cooperation, Sense of duty and responsibility, scientific autonomy, Innovativeness, Creativity and Leadership and will continue focusing on them during 2021-2027 Erasmus Programs