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NQF-HETR Business and Management Sciences Basic Field Competencies International Trade and Marketing Programme Outcomes (PO) PO
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9    
INFORMATION Theoretical and Factual 1. Has advanced knowledge in his/her field.      X  X  X           PO-1. To have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of International Trade and to be able to use this knowledge.
         PO-2. To be able to examine the basic concepts, ideas and data related to International Trade and Economy with scientific methods, to interpret them with a critical and analytical perspective and to evaluate them by associating them with economic events and developments.
SKILLS Cognitive & Applied 1-Has the ability to convey field-related information to employees and teammates.   X  X  X             PO-3. To be able to convey thoughts, comments and evaluations in writing and verbally on issues related to International Trade and Marketing.
2-Has the ability to interpret and analyze data, identify problems and propose solutions by using the knowledge he/she has acquired in the field in his/her decisions, practices and behaviors.    X    X  X           PO-4. To be able to identify current problems and develop solution suggestions supported by qualitative and quantitative data based on evidence and research.
COMPETENCIES Ability to Work Independently and Take Responsibility 1- Conducts research and studies on subjects related to the field.   X    X             PO-5. To understand how public institutions and private sector organizations related to the concept of International Trade operate and to identify continuities and changes in this field.
2-As the project manager or participant, he/she takes responsibility in accordance with the project objectives.           X  X  X  X    
3-Determines goals and objectives for the Organization/Institution.      X    X X         PO-6. To be able to define and follow local, regional (e.g. European Union and Middle East) and global developments from a political economic perspective and to establish a relationship between these developments.
Learning Competency 1-Critically evaluates the knowledge and skills acquired.  X   X  X  X            
2. It shows that he/she understands the continuity of the need to learn.  X  X      X           PO-7. To have basic knowledge of the disciplines that work in collaboration with International Trade and Marketing (e.g. economics, law, finance, international business management, etc.) and to be able to use this knowledge.
Communication and Social Competence 1-He/She conveys her thoughts and suggestions based on the knowledge and skills he/she has acquired in his/her field to the relevant parties, both verbally and in writing. X X   X             PO-8. To be able to follow English publications and research on International Trade, Globalization and Finance systems and to communicate internationally with colleagues.
2-Communicates effectively with stakeholders in the professional field. X            X  X     PO-9. To have scientific and ethical values in the data collection, interpretation and dissemination stages.
Field-Specific Competency 1-The organization/institution acts in accordance with business and social ethical values.  X     X              
2- Analyzes the relations of the Organization/Institution with its stakeholders and manages them effectively.  X  X  X                
3-Has the ability to encourage innovations.  X   X                
4-Thinks critically about the organization/institution.          X      X  X    
5-Has sufficient awareness about the universality of social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, environmental protection, occupational health and safety. X X