Institute of Social Sciences

Adaptation to the Program: Students not from the Department of English Language Education (such as English/American Language and Literature, Translation and Interpreting, Linguistics) are given 2 credits of additional courses so that they can follow the advanced theoretical courses in the program more easily. In this way, it is ensured that these students do not fall behind the students in the field in topics related to learning/teaching theories.

Relationships Between Courses: Students are enabled to apply what they have learned in different courses in an integrated manner. For example, the articles taught in the Seminar course in the Fall semester are selected in connection with the topics in theoretical courses (e.g. ELT 577). In this way, students are enabled to read and analyze studies on the subjects they learn in theory. In the spring semester, connections are established between the Research Methods course and the Academic Writing course. The work that students do for the Research Methods course is also discussed in the Academic Writing course, and efforts are made to bring it to the highest level in terms of issues such as APA rules and use of academic language.