The Head of the Board of Trustees



Dear Students,

Our university was established on July 9, 1997, with Law No. 4282, and started its education in the same year. Founded by the Bayboğan Education Foundation, which has over 30 years of educational experience with a college consisting of kindergarten, primary school, middle school, Anatolian High School, and Science High School, our university became the first Foundation University established in our country after Ankara and Istanbul. Situated in the middle of Adana-Mersin provinces, our university, with its magnificent 520,000m2 campus meeting international standards, has been providing world-class education to its students since its establishment.

Having graduated its first students in the academic year of 2001-2002, our university hosts around 7,000 students in Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs. Within Çağ University, there are the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and Literature which includes English Translation and Interpretation, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature Departments; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with International Business Management, International Relations, International Finance and Banking, International Trade and Logistics Departments; Vocational School with Justice, Banking and Insurance, Applied English Translation, Foreign Trade, Child Development, Medical Documentation and Secretariat, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Services; Graduate Programs in Business Administration, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, Public Law, Private Law, English Language Teaching, Healthcare Management, International Relations and Globalization, International Trade and Marketing, and Doctoral Programs in Business Administration and English Language Teaching under the Institute of Social Sciences, as well as the School of Foreign Languages. The departments in our university are opened in line with the needs of the country and the region.

Çağ University boasts an academic staff composed of both domestic and foreign academics who are experts in their fields, open to the world, experienced, visionary, and prepare students for the dynamics of the business world through both theoretical and practical applications. Collaborating with over 100 universities and institutions across 5 continents, Çağ University has succeeded in becoming a Global University. In this context, it provides its students with all the necessities of the era, ensuring they are equipped with all the qualifications needed to find employment after graduation.

Accredited with an English Preparatory School and awarded the "European Diploma Supplement Label" and "Excellence Award," our university continues its efforts in this direction. Its goal is to become the Harvard of the Mediterranean.

The serious and prestigious European ranking by Ideas-Repec, the world's largest bibliographic database indexing over 2.3 million research papers in economics, positioned Çağ University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at 121st place among evaluated institutions, regardless of public or private distinction, ranking 3rd among universities from Turkey. Furthermore, according to Ideas-Repec data, within institutions conducting scientific research in "Energy Economics" globally, Çağ University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ranks 21st, while Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztürk ranks 15th among energy economists in the same field.

'Pearson Assured,' operating in approximately 100 countries and collaborating with 97% of universities in the UK, evaluated the Çağ English Preparatory School under 68 quality standards such as management-organization, physical capacity, opportunities provided to students, educational quality, planning and implementation, provision and competence of teaching staff, accuracy and accessibility of records, and measurement-evaluation. As one of the leading accrediting bodies internationally, including The Financial Times and Penguin Readers, 'Pearson Assured' successfully accredited our English Preparatory School, making it the first university in the region to obtain this accreditation.

Offering students the opportunity for double major and dual diploma and functioning as an international communication tool through education in English, Çağ University also offers seven different world languages such as Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian, etc., as a second language based on students' demands. Teaching a second language alongside English, which is crucial in professional life and job acquisition, plays a significant role in speeding up the career ladder for our graduates.

Being the first university in the region with the distinction of "Diploma Approved by Europe" and "Excellence Award," Çağ University has collaboration agreements on student and faculty exchange, joint research studies, etc., with universities from four continents. Graduates of Çağ University, thanks to their international education, become highly qualified individuals capable of adapting to changing conditions in the business world, taking their place in the workforce.

Considering knowledge transformation into production as one of the most critical tools, Çağ University continuously communicates with local, national, and global companies through University-Industry collaboration. Thus, career journeys that begin for students with internship or part-time job opportunities continue after graduation by connecting them with job opportunities.

Çağ University students have the chance to study based on scholarships varying according to their scores in university entrance exams. Moreover, these scholarships are unconditional and continuous throughout the education period. Those willing to pursue their Master's education at Çağ University benefit from a 50% Çağ Scholarship regardless of their scores.

Additionally, besides providing internationally qualified education, Çağ University, with its 1,050 employees, acts as a locomotive by contributing to regional employment in the economy.

To all valuable members of the Çağ Family, I wish you success in your career journey and send my regards.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees