The Head of the Board of Trustees

Çağ University was founded on July, 9th 1997 pursuant to law no 4281 and commenced education in the same year. Çağ University, which had its first graduates in the 2001-2002 academic years, comprises over 4000 students, approximately 500 academics and administrative staff. Our university, which takes it upon itself to execute innovations in the region and to support financial development in the region, contains the region’s first law school as well as the Faculty of Administrative Sciences which consists of the departments of International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, International Management, International Finance and Banking, International Tourism Management, Public Relations; The Faculty of Arts and Sciences which consists of the departments of English Language Teaching, Turkish Language and Literature, Psychology, Mathematics and Computer Sciences and the Vocational Higher School which consists of the departments of Justice, Health Institutions Management, International Trade, International Logistics, Banking and Insurance, Computer Technologies and Information Systems, Human Resources Management, Public Relations and Advertisement, Business Administration, accounting and Tax Practices, Tourism and Hotel Management, Applied English-Turkish Translation and the Graduate School of Social Sciences, which offers master’s degree programs in Business Administration, International Relations and Globalization, Finance and Banking, International Trade and Marketing, Public Law, Private Law, English Language Teaching, Psychology and Turkish Language and Literature and a PhD. degree program in Business Administration and English Language Teaching. We plan to open a medical school in the future.


Çağ University is an English-medium university and offers French, German, Spanish Italian and Chinese for students to choose for the compulsory elective second foreign language course. Provided that there is a cohort of at least 10 students, our students have the chance to study any language they wish for the relevant course. Our students receive computer education in state-of-the art computer laboratories.

The academic-student ratio at our university is 1-15. Our academic staff consists of eminent academics who hold a respectable position in the academic arena. We also maintain continuous contact and collaboration with advanced, contemporary universities around the world.

Our university is on the Adana-Mersin Highway and it is within a distance of 20 km to Adana, 10 km to Tarsus and 35 km to Mersin. The campus covers an area of 500000 m2, which looks like a peaceful spectacular park. It is very easy to access the university and regular bus service is provided by the university free of charge. We possess a large area of land ready to be used for expansion purposes if necessary.

Dear students, universities should no longer be institutions which deliver conventional education given that frontiers and customs are rapidly diminishing and being replaced by unions and trade blocs. I believe that will have two important consequences for young people. One of them is a positive effect, which will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities available in a particular country even if you are not a citizen of that country. The other one includes the fact that earning a living is increasingly becoming extremely difficult. For this reason, it is essential that you have world-class qualifications as in today’s world your only competitors are not your school friends but the entire youth of the world. But then, is it difficult? No. It is the duty of the universities to equip you with the necessary qualifications and qualities.

That is what Çağ University does and its graduates are the proof of it. Our graduate students experience no difficulty in finding a job or building a career at home or abroad thanks to the world-class education they have received. Since Çağ University was founded, its students have come first in many examinations and competitions. In addition, many of its graduates have won the most prestigious scholarships in Europe and America and many have completed their Master’s and doctoral degree programs in these countries.

An important principle that we place particular emphasis on is that we consider our graduates as members of the family rather than students who have left and we aim to make it possible for them to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by our university.

Best Regards,