Institute of Social Sciences


The main purpose of the Commercial Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law courses given in the Master's Program of the Department of Private Law; To teach judicial jurisprudence regarding the basic concepts, institutions, stages and theories of these branches of law and to ensure the ability to use them in practice, and as a result, to provide education in line with the mission of the University and the Institute of Social Sciences. In particular, students participating in the private law program; With the quality education and training they will receive in this field, they will become legal experts who have universal legal norms and general principles of international law, are researchers, free thinkers and decision-makers. In relation to that, they will be competent and sufficient in the private law and its sub-branches in which they receive their master's degree, and thus they will be successful to integrate with the laws of different countries.



Hardin-Simmons University–USA, Mannheim Berufsakademie, University of North Alabama–USA, The Euro-Mediterranean University–Slovenia, Concord University–USA, Epoka University–Albania, Fuyang Normal University–China, with which we collaborate on the objectives and subjects specified in the mission, It aims to prove itself and take its place in the society formed by many universities such as Tianjin Normal University-China and Qinghai Normal University-China.