Institute of Social Sciences


In line with the mission of the university, to raise prospective leaders, entrepreneurs and academics in a manner that they are equipped with strategical and creative thinking skills, adopt rule of law principle and ethical values, know how to solve problems and make decisions effectively, and access and use information in business and academic life.

To achieve this mission, our objectives are:

• To allow individuals to improve effective communication skills in a way that they are able to express themselves in written and verbal communication in a clear and concise manner within qualitative and quantitative contexts, while synthesizing complex ideas.

 • To enable individuals to improve their decision making processes while making personal decisions and decisions related to business in competitive and uncertain environments, and to analyze complex situations by acquiring knowledge on professional experiences.

 • To enable individuals to put their relevant skills related to strategical decision making with various team members to solve complex, uncertain and unusual problems into practice, and to integrate such skills into their lives.



Our vision is to raise sophisticated individuals who have universal point of view, the skills required to be a researcher, characteristics of a freethinker, a creative mind, an entrepreneur, and to be one of the prominent Institute of Social Sciences on both national and international scales by means of offering high-quality education and innovative academic programs.