Institute of Social Sciences

Sample Study 1: Risk Reduction.  Individuals or firms do not always should accept the level of risk associated with some decisions. Because, there are methods of reducing risks. There are two of them that are analyzed in the lectures. The first  is more information. More information may be helpful to render the outcomes of various decisions more certain. The second is buying insurance. These two methods are useful for comparing the outcomes of having more information with less information or buying insurance with no insurance.   Both methods are useful for maximazing the expected value.  


Sample Study 2: Real TimePricing. Some sectors, such as electricity production is subject to extreme capacity and extremely expensive capacity building. Therefore, reducing the use of electricity during the peak demand is quite attractive from economic point of view. There are several wys of doing this, but one with a common application is “real time pricing”. Here, large industrial firms may have a system that allow the price of electricity to vary from minute to minute.


Sample Study 3: Digital Marketing Methods. Digital marketing is becoming indispensable part of and changing operational and philosophy of marketing. Digital marketing may be come together with artificial intelligence and will make a significant contribution to productivity in marketing,  and will make changes in brand management, marketing research and marketing communication.