The Autobiography of A.Yaşar Bayboğan

The Founder of

Çağ University - Çağ College - Bayboğan Educational Foundation

Our Founder Yaşar BAYBOĞAN


"I believe that today, the most important issue in the world is education, but as a matter of fact,  the main idea in itself is providing international opportunities of good quality. I have faith that if these opportunities are provided, the Turkish youth will be able to compete in the world with ease. In accordance with this philosophy, I first established Çağ College, and thenBayboğan Educational Foundation and finally I managed to establish my dream "Çağ University". I have provided all my material and moral support for the success of these foundations. I believe that if we provide the greatest opportunities to the young people in our country in education, they will be successful in life."


Yaşar Bayboğan was born in Karaisalı, Adana in 1937.He was the founder of the first Foundation University in Anatolia, and the son of a farmer.


After graduating from Adana Commercial High School, he went to İstanbul University to study economics .He also did his Master's Degree at the same university. In this period, he also gave lectures at İstanbul University. During this period, he also became the president of Çukurova Community .At that time he solved the ongoing problem of providing dormitories with a zero-based budget by buying two dormitories; one in Ankara, and the other in İstanbul.


 On graduating from university, he became a bank examiner at Emlak Bank, and was the youngest manager in the Adana Central Drictory. That branch of the bank, of which he was the manager, was recognised as the most profitable branch. Besides, Bayboğan had an important role in setting up the Commercial Academy in Adana. He also desired to see Çukurova as a university city. After that he became the manager of the Aegean region. He had been in the finance sector for 17 years. Before retiring, he started working in the private sector and at that time he was the general director of the Paktaş factory, which was the biggest textile factory in the Middle East and the Balkans.


After completing his task in the private sector, Yaşar Bayboğan exported cotton and sesame from his own company. He had always believed and said "we shouldn't expect everything from the government". With this in mind, he founded Çağ College which consisted of a kindergarden, a Primary school, an Anatolian High School and a Science High School in 1986. Five years later, he established the Bayboğan Educational Foundation. In 1997 he established the first Foundation University of Anatolia. In the same year, he also founded the first Law Faculty of our region. By founding this, he proved that he had fulfilled his goals in education.


Yaşar Bayboğan, who spoke English at a high level, had agricultural companies apart from educational businesses. He was married and had two sons and a granddaughter. Yaşar Bayboğan died on 7 July 2011.He will be in our hearts forever.

May he rest in peace

The Awards A. Yaşar BAYBOĞAN received

Adana Rotary Club Professional Service Award

Çukurova Rotary Club Educational Service Award

Tarsus Rotary Club Professional Gratitude Award

Turkey Private Schools Union Educational Service Award

Adana Soroptimist Club Professional Service Award

In 2010, the employer who paid the most social security contribution


The Educator of the Year Award given by the people who are from Çukurova, but living in Ankara.(This award was given to him a month before his death.)