International Students

Application criteria:

To apply to Cag University, first of all, you will have to fill in the application form.

Applicants must be graduated from High School or those who are expected to graduate must successfully complete their studies prior to the enrollment date in order to be able to enroll in the university.

The minimum High School Certificate score requirement for students applying to undergraduate programs is 60% (out of 100%).

To see the list of High School Diploma admission criteria, please click here.

OR, applicants must have the result of the YOS test ( min 45 /100 ) taken one of the Turkish State Universities.

Necessary Documents

  • Copy of your Passport with the personal information page on it.
  • Copy of an official document signifying successful completion of high school diploma in many countries (if it is not in English or Turkish, it must be translated)
  • Copy of an official high school transcript national or internationally recognized test results
  • Copy of English language proficiency test results if available.
  • Copy of Equivalency Certificate of High School diploma (Denklik)
  • Motivation letter

All acceptance decisions are determined based on the recommendation of the relevant admission committee and the approval of the Senate.

Alternatively, students can attend Cag University English Proficiency exam prior to the registration to University. Students who cannot demonstrate sufficient English proficiency must attend Cag University English Preparatory Program for up to 1 year before they can start their undergraduate program.

Attendance to this program is subject to the payment of separate fees.