Rector's Message

Çağ University, having dynamic, modern, and broad teaching - learning experience from nursery to primary school, from college to university for over 30 years, was established by Bayboğan Educational Foundation in1997. The University acts as a base for scientific, educational, cultural and sports activities and it brings contemporary initiatives in the given fields. It is a boutique university aiming to raise qualified young individuals who have the universal values, a broad vision in global lines, stick importance to free thought and creativity, know English as a second language, have a strong technological background in line with the Atatürkist thought.

With its students, teaching staff and all members, Çağ University as a whole, pursues the aim of providing high quality education. As its name suggests, with respect to modern education concept, without compromising on the standards of Western universities, the institution devotes itself without fear to reach this aim.

Çağ University is not only an institution which provides the students with information and the ways to reach it, but it also prepares them to life. Within this scope, extracurricular activities are given a great importance in addition to professional skills and awareness. In line with its aim, as being the single foundation university outside Ankara and Istanbul, it provides the opportunity of having high quality education to growing  population of our country with its prestigious teaching staff by cooperating with the prominent universities in Europe and America.

Being the first foundation university in the region, which is also known as having the first university in Anatolia in the past, Çağ university will expand your horizon by means of combining cultural,art, local commercial and industrial activities with science.

Dear youth, be a profound member of Çağ University and feel the difference. My best wishes of success


Prof. Dr. Ünal AY