School of Foreign Languages


     The aim of Çağ University Preparatory School is to teach our students English, which is the language of education at our university, at a sufficient level.

     In order to measure whether they have sufficient knowledge of English to follow the departmental courses, a proficiency exam is applied to the students who enrolled in our university . Students who score at least 70 out of 100 full marks in this exam start their education directly in the departments they are enrolled in.

     Students whose knowledge of English is not sufficient are divided into three different levels as "A1-Beginner, A2-Elementary Level and B1-Pre-Intermediate" according to the results of the placement exam and start their English Preparatory Education in the ideal language classroom environment. At the end of each level, a level exit exam is administered. Students must get at least 50 points from the level exit exam in order to move to the next level. Students who do not get 50 in the level exit exam are given extra lessons and worksheets so that they can learn the subjects and sections they failed to pass, and this is followed by a level exit make up exam.

     In the first semester of one-year English Language Education, which consists of at least 32 weeks, listening, reading, speaking and writing exercises are carried out in order to gain the ability to understand what is heard and read, and to express what one thinks orally and in writing without errors.

     In the second semester, in addition to the skills mentioned above, English for Special Purposes (ESP) is taught, which aims to teach words and concepts that our students will encounter in the field courses they will take in English when they start their first year. For ESP courses, special ESP materials are used, which are prepared according to the findings of needs analyzes by taking the opinions of faculty and department representatives.

     Online English lessons are also given in parallel with the face-to-face education in the classroom.  After the classes are created at the School of Foreign Languages at the beginning of the academic year, all classes are registered to the online program. Afterwards, the students' books are activated and they are asked to do online studies in parallel with the topics covered in the classroom. Students' online work and success are monitored and recorded online by the advisor teacher of that course. At the end of these checks, the issues that are seen as general problems are reviewed once again in the class.

     This platform is also used by the instructors to make announcements concerning the students.

     In the School of Foreign Languages, up-to-date materials prepared by internationally recognized publishers in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are used. The selection of these materials is made according to the Textbook Evaluation Form applied by the commission.

     Approximately 25% of the teaching staff in the Preparatory School are native speakers of English. Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing courses are given by foreign lecturers. Therefore, our students have the opportunity and environment to use the English they have learned both inside and outside the classroom.

     In order to ensure that the lessons are conducted by audio-visual methods, there are computers and projectors in all classrooms.