Institute of Social Sciences

TDE-503 Sources of Classical Turkish Literature

This course will introduce and examine the primary source works that can be utilized in Classical Turkish literature studies.


TDE-535 Poetry in Classical Turkish Literature-I

This course covers the definition, types, and historical development of the qasida, a form of poetry in Divan literature, and the commentary on selected qasida texts.


TDE-509 Seminar (Thesis-Based)

This involves research methods and techniques, preparation phase, data collection, data organization, report writing, rules to follow in report writing, interpretation methods, types of technical observation, and language usage.


TDE-511 Seminar (Non-Thesis)

The course content is similar to the Thesis-Based Seminar, encompassing research methods and techniques, preparation phase, data collection, data organization, report writing, and other related topics.


TDE-512 Term Project

This course also involves research methods and techniques, preparation phase, data collection, organization of data, report writing, and adhering to specific rules in report writing, interpretation methods, and technical observation types.


TDE-513 Modern Turkish Literature

This course aims to read, evaluate, understand, examine, and analyze distinguished prose and poetry texts in Modern Turkish Literature from the Tanzimat period to the present, identifying similarities and differences with classical literature.


TDE-505 Traces of Ancient Beliefs in Turkish Folk Culture

This course explores the beliefs and practices related to agriculture, clothing, adornment, iron, horses, trees, animals, folk medicine, and folk calendars in Turkish culture, tracing ancient cultural elements in Turkish folk culture.


TDE-507 Sources and Text Studies in Turkish Language

Learning about historical Turkish dialects and their primary sources, and studying works written in these areas.


TDE-504 Art of Storytelling

This course introduces the genre of storytelling and its general trends, analyzing material and technical elements of stories from post-Tanzimat Turkish literature and Western literature.


MAN-511 Digital Marketing

The course focuses on theoretical and practical skills in current digital marketing trends, including digital marketing strategies, digital marketing mix, preparation of marketing campaigns on digital platforms, marketing communication on digital platforms, and global digital marketing practices. It also addresses the evolution of digital marketing, current issues, challenges, and solutions.


OSD-579 Sustainable Development

The course covers basic concepts related to ecology and sustainability, the relationship and interaction between environment and humans, solutions to ecological problems, sustainable development, ecological planning, urban ecology, public participation, sustainable design and planning. Topics include Human and Nature Relationship, Environmental Problems, Environment and Growth, Environment and Trade, Traditional Development Concept, Sustainable Development Approaches, Political Ecology, Sustainability Concept, Economy-Society-Environment Triangle, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Economic Value of Nature, examples of environmental movements in Turkey.


OSD-591 New Technologies in Businesses

The course examines the technological aspects of digital transformation, as well as market, business, policy, and regulatory aspects affecting digitalization processes. It covers network infrastructures, data management and processing, digital services and applications, business models and ecosystems, and policy initiatives and regulatory measures, including EU policies in the region.


OSD-592 Crime and Psychology of Crime

This course approaches crime behavior and its impact on individuals and society from developmental, cognitive-behavioral, and other psychological perspectives. It examines criminological theories, biological and psychological models of crime behavior, crime and mental disorders, juvenile delinquency, aggression and violence, communication with criminals, and judicial processes.


TDE-551 Folklore Theory, Method, and Techniques

The course will examine the content and historical development of folklore, along with applied collection studies.


MAN-582 Virtual Worlds

Taught in the online virtual environment of Second Life using avatars, this course allows students to understand how the environment operates and assess the creation of virtual content. It aims to teach effective team management in a virtual and intercultural environment, dealing with challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, time zones, and technological issues. The course also offers opportunities for collaboration and networking among participants and instructors from different disciplines, institutions, and cultures, covering technological components of Virtual Worlds, ethical and social issues related to Virtual Worlds.


OSD-555 Disaster Management

The course includes disaster management, its system and structure, disaster management models, intervention practices, and examples.


MAN-505 Turkish Economy

The course examines economic developments before and after the Republic, understanding and correlating economic, political, and social conditions during periods of economic policy implementation, evaluating causes and consequences of economic crises, establishing the relationship between globalization and the Turkish economy, and deriving lessons for the future.


TDE-538 Old Anatolian Turkish

The course aims to teach the grammatical features of Old Anatolian Turkish from the 13th-14th centuries through period texts.


TDE-577 Ancient Cultural Traces in Turkish Folk Culture

Similar to the first semester course, it explores beliefs and practices in Turkish culture, focusing on agriculture, clothing, adornment, iron, horses, rees, animals, folk medicine, and folk calendars, tracing ancient cultural elements in Turkish folk culture.


TDE-587 Scientific Research and Publication Ethics

The course covers research, methods, and techniques in scientific studies, types of research, methods of accessing scientific knowledge, developing, planning, and conducting scientific work, relational and comparative studies, methods and techniques used in Turkish Language and Literature studies, data analysis methods, principles in data presentation, publication ethics, ethical violations, and issues.


TDE-550 Turkish Folk Literature

The course evaluates scientific studies on Turkish folk literature and focuses on the methods used. It examines works in the poetic and prose realms of folk literature from technical and methodological perspectives.


TDE-579 Sources of Modern Turkish Literature

Introducing sources like literature histories, newspapers, magazines, archives, memoirs, and letters that are fundamental to studies in Turkish literature post-1860 and methods and techniques for utilizing these sources.


TDE-575 Classical Turkish Literature in Poetry – II

The course covers the definition, types, and historical development of the ghazal in Divan literature and the commentary on selected ghazal texts.


TDE-576 Comparative Literature

The course takes a historical, linguistic, cultural, and critical look at world literature, discussing the current state of Turkish literature, introducing leading authors and works of Western literature, focusing on comparative literature science, theory and methods, literary genres, translated texts, and interactions between literatures.


TDE-597 Thesis

The course aims to provide students with knowledge about the use of resources and thesis writing procedures.


TDE-598 Thesis

This course teaches students how to use research techniques and methods related to their field of expertise and how to conduct research using the appropriate and correct techniques for their studies.