Mission and Vision

Çağ University's MISSION

As a hub for knowledge production and dissemination in line with the ideological framework of Atatürk,

  • to provide education and instruction at international standards,
  • to nurture individuals who are inquisitive, entrepreneurial, and research-oriented,
  • to sensitize to social and environmental concerns within universal values,
  • to foster a sense of social responsibility, emphasizing ethical values,
  • to foster individuals who possess confidence in themselves, have the ability to express themselves, and are prepared for life's challenges.

Çağ University’s VISION

The vision of Çağ University is to become one of Turkey's leading foundation universities in education, research, and social contribution studies in the field of social sciences and humanities.



  • Fairness
  • Ethical behavior
  • Transparency
  • Scientific rigor
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Focus on quality
  • Stakeholder orientation
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Embracing the culture of ÇAĞ