Genel Sekreter Veli KÖROĞLU
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Şenol KANDEMİR



General Secretary

Şenol Kandemir
Phone: +90 324 651 48 00

Fax    : +90 324 651 48 11



Secretary General, as the head of the administrative units, is responsible to Çağ University Recrorate at providing efficient, regular and harmonious coordination for the administrative units.

Task Descriptions:

General Secretary performs the following activities

  • participate as reporter to meetings Senate and Executive Board of the University
  • fulfill legal procedures in new personnel recruitment and keep personal files of all academic and administrative personnel
  • organize all correspondence and keep records
  • prepare yearly activity and inspection reports
  • coordinate with Law Office regarding legal problems
  • arrange registration procedures of ÜDS, KPDS and ALES applicants
  • checkexpenditure claims and submit them to the Rector’s approval
  • coordinate with the local State Security Institutions and takes necessary measures not to have any security problems in the University.
  • adjust annual leaves of employees
  • perform other duties given by Rector

Administrative Directors & Centers

  • Student Affairs
  • Library
  • Culture and Public Relations
  • Computer Office
  • Administrative Centers
  • Sports Activities Center
  • Accounting Office
  • Security Unit
  • Personnel Office
  • Health Center
  • Environmental Work (Cleaning, Procurement and Maintenance)
  • Printing Office (Stationery, Photocopy Office & Book Store )