Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



A student who has successfully completed the International Business Management Program should be able to:

1. Students will be able to produce reports and presentations to accomplish effective and professional communication in different business settings,

2. Students will be able to demonstrate ability to arrive at optimal solutions to business problems by using decision support tools,

3. Students will be able to define major business concepts within the traditional areas of international business,

4. Students will be able to carry out the ethical and legal principles when making decisions in global business environments,

5. Students will be able to use the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge,

6. Students will be able to use leadership, team working and interpersonal relationship abilities,

7. Students will be able to discuss the functions and relationship among the functions of business administration such as accounting, finance, marketing, management and production both at national and international level,

8. Students will be able to coordinate functions of management such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling in different business settings,

9. Students will be able to use analytical tools, critical thinking and research skills to solve contemporary business problems.