Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



The mission of the International Trade and Logistics Department is; To train students equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies in line with the needs and expectations of the business world in the field of international trade and logistics.


To be one of the leading departments in education, research, and societal contribution in the field of international trade and logistics.

Broadly Defined Learning Objectives:

To accomplish this task (mission), the Department of International Trade and Logistics;

  • It equips students with the necessary and valid basic and technical knowledge in the field of international trade and logistics in the international business world, (Use of current and widespread field-specific products of Information Technologies such as Software, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 Applications etc. is an integral part of this process).
  • It strengthens students' self-confidence and self-expression competencies by improving their management skills, (Leadership, communication, cooperation and teamwork, adoption of innovative and creative approaches in problem solving, the ability to use initiative, entrepreneurship and learning to learn skills).
  • It encourages students to behave sensitively, responsibly, and ethically towards society and the environment. (It is to encourage the understanding of individuals who are committed to the rule of law, respectful of human rights, social and ethical values, and sensitive to the environment, who use and contribute to their intellectual knowledge for the benefit of the society they live in).