Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Asst. Prof. Dr. Lecturer A. Gökhan Sökmen, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lecturer Fatih Koç, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lecturer Ayşegül Kurtulgan, Res. Asst. Toprak Karakuş and Res. Asst. Ömer Kandaz provided a series of trainings on "New Technologies" and "Financial Literacy" to the 12th grade students of Tarsus Abdulkerim Bengi Anatolian High School at Akbal High School and ÇAĞ University.

During the Financial Literacy Trainings, information was provided on Digital Banking and Investment Products. Students also visited our University and participated in the applied "Time Value of Money" training in the Finance Laboratory and played the Capitalism game.

In the New Technologies Trainings, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology application areas and social responsibility, ethics and security issues were emphasized and important information was conveyed to the students. In the Logistics Laboratory of our university, students had the opportunity to try Artificial Intelligence applications.

Following these trainings, they had a unique experience in the Metaverse Laboratory by watching a three-dimensional video specially prepared for the Raja Ampat region with VR glasses.