Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



The mission of the Department of International Relations is to prepare students in international relations sciences to satisfy the needs of contemporary and competitive international business world.


To be one of the leading departments in education, research, and societal contribution in the field of international relations

Broadly Defined Learning Objectives:

To accomplish this task (mission), the Department of International Relations;

  • Equips the students with fundamental and technical knowledge and information in the area of international relations by using up-to-date Information Technologies. (Related Software, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial 4.0 Applications etc.)

  • Improves political and diplomatic skills of the students as leadership, team working and cooperation, to lead them to adopt creative and innovative approaches in problem solving, to encourage them to take initiative, to be entrepreneur and develop learn to learn abilities and so to be able to increase self-confidence and self-expression efficiency.

  • Contributes/uses the intellectual accumulation for the society that he/she lives in by committing superiority of law, being respectful to human rights, ethical values and environment.