Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



To educate students equipped with knowledge, skills, and competencies tailored to the needs and expectations of the business world in the field of business and management sciences.


To be one of the leading departments in education, research, and societal contribution in the field of international management.

Broad-Based Student Learning Goals

In order to accomplish this mission, the Department of International Business Management aims to:

  • Equip students with essential and current foundational and technical knowledge in the field of business and management sciences in the international business arena, including the utilization of specialized and widespread products such as software, expert systems, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0 applications.

  • Enhance students' management skills, reinforcing self-confidence and expressive competencies in areas such as leadership, communication, collaboration, teamwork, adopting innovative and creative approaches in problem-solving, the ability to use initiative, entrepreneurship, and the acquisition of skills in learning to learn.

  • Encourage students to be socially and environmentally conscious, promoting responsible and ethical behavior towards society and the environment. This involves fostering an understanding that values the rule of law, respects human rights, social and ethical values, and encourages the utilization of intellectual knowledge for the benefit of the community in which they live.