Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



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Qualification Title

International Finance and Banking Undergraduate Diploma


Awarding Body

Cag University


Awarding Body Contact

Cag University Baybogan Campus Adana Mersin Highway 33800 Yenice /Mersin / TÜRKİYE


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Thematic Areas

Finance, Banking and insurance


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Program Duration

4 Years


Program Profile

The International Finance and Banking Program is designed to equip students with the necessary and valid basic and technical knowledge in the field of finance and banking in the international business world and to strengthen their self-confidence and self-expression competencies by improving their management skills.

The main language of the program is English.


Learning Environments

Education and training is carried out in formal education. Distance education method is also partially applied due to the adequacy of our technological facilities. In addition, applied trainings are carried out through research centers etc. units within the University.


Learning Outcomes (Definition)

1. Graduates are proficient in theories and principles related to international finance and banking, capable of critically questioning these theories and principles.

2. Graduates possess fundamental knowledge of business administration.

3. Graduates have knowledge of basic economic topics required in international finance and banking.

4. Graduates are able to define fundamental concepts, functions, and issues related to international finance and banking management, considering the country's strategic priorities.

5. Graduates are knowledgeable in banking systems, financial management, and international finance.

6. Graduates are proficient in insurance and risk management, familiar with the international financial system and payment systems.

7. Graduates take responsibility as individuals and as group members to solve complex problems encountered in practice, both foreseen and unforeseen.

8. Graduates express information, opinions, and suggestions orally and in writing, using English at the B1 General Level of the European Language Portfolio.

9. Graduates utilize acquired knowledge, collaborate with other professional groups, and produce optimal solutions to problems.

10. Graduates adhere to scientific systematic and ethical values ​​in the collection, interpretation, announcement, and implementation of relevant data.

11. Graduates utilize necessary information and communication technologies.

12. Graduates have knowledge of financial markets and their functioning.

13. Graduates are conscious of occupational health and safety, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

14. Graduates participate in social responsibility projects to raise awareness in the community regarding social justice, environmental issues, and sustainable development goals while respecting fundamental human rights.


Key Competencies

1.Literacy competence

2.Multilingual competence

3.Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering

4.Digital competence

5.Personal, social and learning to learn competence

6.Citizenship competence

7.Entrepreneurial competence

8.Cultural awareness and expression competence


Further Info

Grading System

1.Grading system, examination systems and their contributions to course grades are defined on “The Regulation for Education, Teaching, and Examination Rules for Associate and Undergraduate Degrees of Cag University” and determined by the University’s Senate.

2. Different systems like homeworks, projects, practical applications, midterms, and final exams are employed for grading.

3.The grading system is based on letters and/or numbers.

4.Grades like AA, BA, BB, CB and CC reveal that course is successfully completed while grades like DC and DD reveal conditional pass that would be counted as successful if weighted average of all grades are accepted as successful that have defined in the Regulation. FD and FF show student is not successful.

     Point                            Grade  (letter)                      GPA coefficient

   90- 100                                    AA                                        4.0

   85-  89                                     BA                                         3,5

   80- 84                                      BB                                         3,0

   75- 79                                      CB                                         2,5

   70- 74                                      CC                                         2,0

   60- 69                                      DC                                         1,5

   50- 59                                      DD                                         1,0

   40- 49                                      FD                                          0,5

    01-39                                      FF                                          0,0 


Quality Assurance

 To oversee the quality of higher education programs;

- YOK is responsible for the planning, organization, management and supervision of education and training and other activities carried out in higher education institutions.

- "University Monitoring and Evaluation Reports" of higher education institutions prepared annually within the framework of the criteria determined by YOK are published. Reports prepared according to these reports, including quantitative and qualitative evaluations of higher education institutions, are also shared with the public by YOK.

- Every year, YOK publishes the "Foundation Higher Education Institutions Report", which includes academic, administrative and financial data on foundation higher education institutions. These reports, which include quantitative and qualitative evaluations of foundation higher education institutions, are shared with the public by YOK.

- The quality assurance of the International Finance and Banking undergraduate program is ensured as follows:

Creation and Approval of Curricula:

- YOK determines the minimum standards and criteria required for the opening of associate/undergraduate programs in higher education institutions.

- The curriculum of associate degree/undergraduate programs in higher education institutions and the learning outcomes that each program will provide to the student are determined by Çağ University Senate in accordance with the basic principles determined by YOK on these issues.

Assessment and Evaluation:

- The measurement and evaluation of the learning outcomes of the International Finance and Banking undergraduate program is carried out according to the Çağ University Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations prepared in accordance with the basic principles determined by YOK on these issues.


- Students enrolled in the International Finance and Banking undergraduate program, if they successfully complete the course credits and other obligations determined by higher education institutions; receive an associate degree / bachelor's degree diploma.

Self-Assessment-External Evaluation:

- In the context of continuous monitoring, Çağ University enters the "Institutional Internal Evaluation Reports" of the previous year into the Information System prepared by the Higher Education Quality Council (YOKAK) at the beginning of each year. YOKAK shares the "Institutional Feedback Report" prepared for the external evaluation of higher education institutions with the public. In addition, accreditation decisions issued by accreditation bodies authorized or recognized by YOKAK also indicate that the quality assurance of the qualifications of the programs is ensured. YOKAK conducts regular review activities regarding the qualifications determined in accordance with the legislation.


Access Requirements

Being placed in Cag University International Finance and Banking Program as a result of the central exam conducted by Measurement Selection and Placement Center.


Conditions for Success

Conditions graduating from International Finance and Banking Program is determined by “The Regulation for Education, Teaching, and Examination for Associate and Undergraduate Degrees of Cag University”. According to the Regulation, a student is required to have pass the courses minimum DD grade and minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00 in order to graduate from Program.


Progression Paths (Relationship Type)

Graduates from International Finance and Banking Program may apply to graduate (second cycle) programs.


Legal Basis

1. Higher Education Law No. 2547

2. “The Regulation for Education, Teaching, and Examination for associate and Undergraduate Degrees of Çağ University”.

3. Higher Education Quality Assurance and Higher Education Quality Board Regulation



Validity Period (If Any)

The qualification is valid indefinite times.