Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Graduates will be able to:

1. demonstrate familiarity with the sub-fields, major concepts,theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.

2.  apply basic research methods in psychology, including conventional and innovative research design, data analysis, and interpretation.

3. develop insight into their own and others’ behavior and mental processes and apply effective strategies for self-management and self-improvement.

4. apply theoretical knowledge of observation, effective communication skills and interview techniques into practice in different sub-fields of psychology

5. use effectively public, private and media sources to follow the information and data in psychology

6. weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and reflect other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a discipline.

7. have the knowledge about the principles of psychological measurment and psychological tests.

8. use creativity and critical thinking skills in the field of psychology.

9. demonstrate skills to use computer and internet technology in the field of Psychology,

10. achieve proficiency to use English in reading, comprehending and presenting in the field of psychology.

11. master Turkish communication skills and apply  them in seminars and presentations.

12. have the knowledge of information about the Principles and reforms of Ataturk.