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Department of English Translation and Interpreting General Information

Establishment and Approval The department of English Translation and Interpreting was established on 21.11.2018 by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Higher Education Council within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Required Qualifications The candidates for the department of English Translation and Interpreting, who aim to study in the department are expected to be competent at their mother tongue as well as English at a high level and in every skill. For this reason, they must successfully pass the preparatory class or skip the preparatory class by submitting valid language certificates that determine their language level. Since the students of this program are educated to be translators in various fields, they need to be individuals who have a habit of reading and follow innovations.
General Structure of the Program

a) All skills are included in the preparatory and first year, and speaking and writing courses, which are especially more difficult in the following years.

b) In the curriculum, courses from different disciplines are taken as electives and students are provided with knowledge in various fields.

c) It is provided that students practice what they have learned by doing an internship.

d) Related courses are conducted in computer laboratories and workshops on a hands-on basis.

e) As of the third year, it is ensured that they specialize in at least one field by determining the skills of each student with the evaluations of the relevant instructors and ensuring that they take elective courses in this direction.

Terms of Admission to the Register

Registration in the program is carried out according to the OSYM Examination System.

Students studying at other national or international universities can apply for a lateral transfer in accordance with the principles established by Çağ University and Higher Education Council (YÖK). For detailed information, please refer to the Student Admission Requirements of Çağ University (http://www.cag.edu.tr/tr/ogrenci-isleri-mudurlugu-kayit-kabul-kosullari).


Measurement and Evaluation Method Measurement and evaluation methods may differ for each course depending on the nature of the course; however, a mid-term exam and a final exam are usually given for each course. For details, you can review the evaluation systems of the courses in the course content chart.
Requirements for Obtaining a Degree If the weighted average (GPA) of all the courses taken by a student in one semester is 3.00-3.49, s/he is awarded with the certificate of “Honor”, if s/he is 3.50 and above, s/he is awarded with the certificate of “High Honor”.
Graduation Requirements In order for the student to graduate, he/she must have taken all the compulsory, general elective and field elective courses (240 ECTS) specified in the curriculum, and the overall grade point average must be 2.00 out of 4.00.
Title to be Received Students who successfully complete the department receive the title of Translator with all their rights and authorities.
Fields of Work Graduates of the program will be able to work as translators in many business branches such as Customs, Ministries, Media Agencies, European Union Offices, Translation Agencies, Trade and Logistics companies.
Continuing Education Opportunities Students can continue their postgraduate (Master's and Doctoral) programs.
Program Level First-level English Translation and Interpreting undergraduate program.
Program Language English and Turkish
Head of Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Aysun YURDAIŞIK DAĞTAŞ


Tel : +90.324.651 48 00

Fax : +90.324.651 48 11

ECTS and Erasmus Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr. Aysun YURDAIŞIK DAĞTAŞ


Res. Asst. Ayşe Beyza ŞAHİN YILDIRIM


Tel : +90.324.651 48 00

Fax : +90.324.651 48 11