Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Dear Students,
Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Çağ University!

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences holds the departments of Turkish Language and Literature, English Translation and Interpreting, and Psychology.
The goal and objective of our faculty is to prepare our students for their carieer through current approaches, and to lead them to develop as socially responsible and actively participative individuals with enhanced critical thinking skills.
The courses in our faculty are conducted by the competent academic staff in technologically equipped classrooms.
Moreover, the faculty provides our students with opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in courses by means of facilities such as  "Active Learning Workshop", "Language Learning Workshop", "Creative Writing Workshop" and "Özgecan Psychology Laboratory" offered by our faculty.
We wish you a successful university education in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Jülide İNÖZÜ
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences