Faculty of Arts and Sciences



The aim of the psychology program is to graduate competent psychologists who have nationally and internationally recognized scientific research and publications, have the skills of working in both public and private institutions, are equipped with contemporary knowledge of psychology and have a high level of sensitivity to ethical issues.


         By developing analitical, critical and creative thinking skills, the program aims to provide students with the fundamentals of psychology with the ability to apply it into practice.

Our graduates should be able to;

(1) apply major research methods in psychology to practice.

(2) use knowledge, skills and values they learn during the four-year pogram to their work and other areas of their lives.

(3) recognize and respect socio-cultural differences among individuals.

(4) employ communication and counseling skills in sub-fields of psychology.

(5) develop interpersonal sensitivity and awareness towards social events and problems.

(6) develop a humanitarian and participative attitude as competent psychologists