School of Foreign Languages

Online English Teaching

     The Cambridge Language Management System (CLMS) is used by the skills teachers at the preparatory school of Cag University as an online platform to assist students with English learning and as an online platform to teach English. At the beginning of each academic year classes are set up on the online learning platform to mirror the classes at the preparatory school. Students from each class are then registered into their online classes and their online workbooks are activated.

     Student books are used in the classroom and as each unit is being taught, students are asked to do the corresponding unit in their online workbook as homework. The students’ online performance is monitored by their teacher via the online grade book. This enables teachers to assess the students’ performance as a class and individually enabling teachers to spot any problematic areas that may need to be revisited in class. The platform is also used as a tool for teachers to post announcements about pending exams, advise students about deadlines and send students study guides.

     It is also used as a means to send students material which teachers think might be of interest to their classes or even to send project work, tasks and other skill based activities. Class discussions on a variety of topics are held in the forum section of the language management system and the class blog is used to encourage students to write about their learning experiences, and to use the language they have learnt in a creative way. Teachers monitor and take part in these discussions and use them as a tool for self and classroom assessment.