School of Foreign Languages


QUESTION 1: What are the exemption conditions from the Preparatory Education?

ANSWER: The following students are exempted from the foreign language level determination and proficiency exam:
a) Those who have studied in a country where English is spoken as a mother tongue, and have completed their secondary education in secondary education institutions where the citizens of that country attend, up to 5 years before the registration date,
b) Those who successfully pass the central foreign language exams accepted by YÖK or the score determined by the Senate in international foreign language exams,
c) Those who have successfully completed the foreign language preparatory program in higher education institutions where the language of instruction is fully or partially English, up to a maximum of five years before their registration date.

QUESTION 2: Is there any attendance requirement during the Preparatory Education? If so how much?

ANSWER: Attendance is mandatory. Students must attend at least 80% of the total course hours.

QUESTION 3: What happens if I do not fulfill the attendance requirement?

ANSWER: Students who do not fulfill the attendance requirement are considered unsuccessful. If these students are on scholarship, their scholarships will be terminated.

QUESTION 4: What is the "Proficiency and Placement Exam"?

ANSWER: You can find detailed information about the "Proficiency and Placement Exam" by clicking here.


QUESTION 5: Can I change my level after the education period has started?

ANSWER: If a student's level is considered to be above or below the class he/she is in, within the first two weeks after the education starts, the class of the student in question can be changed with the joint report of all the instructors attending the class. Apart from this, the classes and levels of the students are not going to be changed.

QUESTION 6: How can I make up for the exams I missed?

ANSWER: At Çağ University School of Foreign Languages, midterm exams are administered under the name of Achievement Test. The dates of these exams are announced in advance. For this reason, if a student who misses the relevant exams documents his/her excuse with a doctor's report and submits this report to the School of Foreign Languages within 3 working days, a make-up exam is applied.

QUESTION 7: Is the medical report valid for absenteeism?

ANSWER: Health reports are not valid for absenteeism. It only applies to make up for missed exams.

QUESTION 8: If I fail, will my scholarship be terminated?

ANSWER: Scholarships cover Foundation Education plus four years of faculty training. A student who is unsuccessful will not be given a scholarship. Scholarships for students who do not register, exceed the absenteeism limit, or receive disciplinary punishments are terminated.

QUESTION 9: What is the grading system like?

ANSWER: You can access detailed information about the grading system by clicking here.

QUESTION 10: What is Summer School?

ANSWER: It is an intensified make-up program for students who are not successful in the academic year.

QUESTION 11: Who can attend the Summer School?

ANSWER: All students whose final result is "unsuccessful" can attend summer school, provided that their registration is not frozen.

QUESTION 12: Is the Summer School paid?

ANSWER: Summer School is paid. Its fee is determined and announced by the Board of Trustees every year.