School of Foreign Languages


     All exams administered in the School of Foreign Languages are conducted to measure the determined learning outcomes. Exams are administered face-to-face or online.


     Achievement tests are exams consisting of various components. These exams test listening, speaking, reading, writing skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. The date and time of the achievement tests are announced on the website in advance. Students who can't take any of these exams are taken to the make-up exam at the date and time determined and announced by the School of Foreign Languages administration, if they document their excuses with a doctor's report.


     It is the exam applied at the end of the year to test the general success of the students. This exam is a comprehensive exam consisting of questions that measure students' listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar skills at the end of the academic year. The final exam is held in two stages. The first stage is the written exam stage. This section makes up 75% of the Final exam. In the written part of the final exam, questions evaluating the following skills are asked:


     The second stage is the "Oral Exam" stage. This section constitutes 25% of the Final exam. Students' exam date and time are announced on the website before the exam. Students are taken to the exam hall in this order and the following skills of the students are measured in the exam.

-Fluency of speech
-Correct grammar and vocabulary use
-Ability of expressing thoughts and opinions
-Interactive communication