Social Responsibility Application and Research Center


Çağ University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) 2022/2nd term project names are below.

-Improving the Financial and Digital Literacy Levels of Secondary and High School Students in Rural Areas (Yenice District, Tarsus-Mersin) Sample

-Çağ University Students Become Aware About Ecological Footprint (Carbon, Transportation, Energy, Housing and Digital)  

-Use of Computer Based Simulation in International Relations Courses

-Body Positivity Movement for University Students

-Examination of Ethno-theories of Parenting in Nomadic Life

 Indexed Articles:

1-Yaşa Özeltürkay, E., Yalçıntaş, D. & Oğuz, S. (2023). Benefits and Obstacles of Using E-Scooters for E-Scooter Users and Non-Users: A Pilot Study. Studies in Marketing Insight, 7 (1), 14-26. Retrieved from

2-Yalçıntaş, D.; Oguz, S.; Yaşa Özeltürkay, E.; Gülmez, M. (2023). Bibliometric Analysis of Studies on Sustainable Waste Management. Sustainability 2023, 15, 1414.

3- Çelik, Ş., Yaşa Özeltürkay, E (2022) The Effect of Environmental Values, Self and Personal Norms on Sustainable Consumption Tendency and Eudamonic Happiness 26. Marketing Congress.




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  1. YOLAÇAN, Z. B., YASA, ÖZELTÜRKAY E, GULMEZ, M., (2016), “CSR in Turkish Science: A content analysis of Turkish dissertations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”, 7th International congress on CSR, Fraud and ethics, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. (Abstract).

  1. YASA ÖZELTÜRKAY E, BOZYİĞİT,S., GULMEZ,M., (2016), Analyzing College Students' Ethics Perceptıons : A Pilot Study At A Foundatıon University In Turkey, 15. International Marketing Trends Conferences, Venezia, Italy, January.19-22, 2016.

  1. YASA ÖZELTÜRKAY EDA, DOGAN SÜDAS HATICE (2015). Calculation of the University Student’s Ecological Footprint Size: A Pilot Research on Students Living in Adana. 2nd Biannual International Social Business (full paper)

  1. DOGAN SÜDAS HATICE, YASA ÖZELTÜRKAY EDA (2014). Analyzing the Thoughts of Ecological Footprints of University Students: A Preliminary Research on Turkish Students. 3. International Conference On Strategic Innovative Marketing, 175, 176-184., Doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro. 2015.01.1189 (full paper)


 Thesis Related to Sustainability  issues