Social Responsibility Application and Research Center

Çağ University Responsibility Social Research Application Center (SOSAM),

It is a center that provides continuous and sustainability support in order to realize the social change of our university, conduct research on social problems and needs, and ensure the benefit of the society. This center was put into operation to carry out education, research and public relations activities.

General activities and areas of activity of our center:

Social Research: Conducting research on social problems, revealing these problems and publishing solution suggestions.

Social Projects: By developing projects and programs for social relations, the unification of the social structure is ensured.

Training and Awareness Raising: Training programs are organized and activities such as seminars, conferences and workshops are organized to create social responsibility awareness.

Collaboration with Society: Contributing to the solution of social distribution by collaborating with local communities, civil society members and other members

Social Responsibility Reports: The university's social responsibility activities and reporting.

Sustainability: Sharing responsibility for sustainability and crises and creating them permanently.

Public Policies and Consultancy: Developing and contributing to public policies, ensuring public administration.

Social Impact Assessment: Evaluation and dissemination of the university's social performance.