Student Administration


Çağ University offers the following scholarships and supports:

·         100 % achievement scholarship by OSYM score,

·         50 % support scholarship and

·         25 % Support Scholarship by OSYM score,

·         Sports scholarship, lunch support and transportation supports.

These scholarships are announced in the University Entrance Preference Booklet and given to the students who matriculate at Çağ University.

Achievement Scholarshipcovers 100 % of the education expenses and it is given to the students who show great succes in the university entrance examination and who prefer and matriculate at Çağ University on the 100 % scholarship quota.

Support Scholarship covers 50 % and 25 % of the education expenses and students have to prefer and register at Çağ University on the support scholarship quota to get this scholarship.

Çağ Scholarship is a special kind of scholarship given to Çağ High School graduates and covers 50 % of the education expenses.

Graduate Education Scholarships

According to their ALES scores, Çağ University offers 25% and 50% scholarships to the Graduate School’s Masters program’s applicants. Separately, Çağ University graduates will receive a 25% scholarship when they apply for the Masters Program. Beginning with the 2010-2011 Academic Year, the applicants of the Master of Business Administration, Public Law, Private Law and English Language Teaching  Programs will receive a 25% scholarship if they have 60.00-69.99 ALES score and 50% scholarship if they have 70.00 or above ALES score.