Library Directorate

                  Library Rules

  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the library. Cell phones must be kept in the silent mode.
  • Do no talk loudly, and do not disturb others.
  • There is no group work in the library. The students who want to do group work should use the group study rooms
  • The materials used should not be placed on the shelves, but should be left on the tables.
  • For all user transactions in the library, the user must show the student ID to the library staff.
  • Users must follow the warnings of the library staff.         
  • Users cannot copy the materials.
  • The library exit is connected to the library security system. The security has the authority to control bags if it is necessary.
  • The library is not responsible if the personal belongings of the users are lost or stolen in the library.
  • All member users who are in the situation of disconnecting from Çağ University are obliged to have the relevant parts of the "Dismissal Certificate" given by the Registrar's Office, approved by the Library Department, stating that there is no borrowed material or library penalty on them.
  • When necessary, the rules can be rearranged by the Library Department.
  • Those who do not comply with these principles, cause difficulties, destroy the material they have taken or the library buildings and tools, attempt to remove materials from the library without permission, prevent the library personnel from performing their duties, and disturb the discipline and peace, may lose their right to benefit from the Çağ University Library. In addition, the provisions of the disciplinary regulations are reserved.