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Link to access:

"Thesis Mentors" can send an email to to open the Turnitin account.

It is one of the leading software programs in the world that brings students and instructors together on the same platform, ensures to check the originality of the documents and provides instructors to grade these documents.

Turnitin improves students’ writing skills by providing feedback and preventing plagiarism. It encourages original writing in a limited time. Nowadays, instructors and managers try to encourage students to use information correctly, consideringly and legally. Thanks to accessibility to billions of Internet sources, students can copy and paste all paragraphs of a resource in a second. When it comes together with the emphasis on performance and assessments, it causes to increase that students use non-original content in their research and articles.

The email address must be used.

Turnitin scans large databases during document analysis. These are:

- 400+ million student assignments

- 110,000+ magazines & books

- 45+ billion current and archived web pages

- In more than 10,000 educational institutions in 126 countries,

- More than 20 million students

- 1+ million instructors use Turnitin.