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Plagiarism means to take someone else's publication and use it against the rules and ethics. Plagiarism causes to lose the originality of the study. İ is a specialized internet-based software that was created to identify many types of plagiarism and report them. We test the originality of your documents on the largest digital scientific database in Turkey.

  1. Plagiarism in thesis and academic papers is legally a crime. Nobody wants to be a counselor, editor or host of this crime.
  2. The originality of an essay, a publication or thesis is very important for us.
  3. You can determine plagiarism in three steps thanks to easy usage interface.

4. You can finalize your plagiarism test in a few minutes with the cloud-based application.

5. Did you know that İ covers more than 90 percent of the magazines publishing in Turkey and tens of thousands printed books?

6. Plagiarism detection software not only inspects students but also encourages them to produce original productions.

7. Institutions that are members of İ may use the system without any restrictions both on the type of documents and the number of documents.

8. You can verify the result screen and output with QR code.


REPRODUCE Getting the publication of someone else directly and displaying it as yours

COPY Copying a part from another publication and pasting it to yours directly

COPY BUT CHANGE Copying a part from another publication, making some minor changes and adding it to yours

MOSAIC Getting some parts from various publications and combining them

PLAGIARISM YOURSELF Copying from a previous study

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