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American Consulate Leadership Institute Scholarship Program and Shares of Our Winning Students

Fourteen students from Turkey are selected for the scholarship program opened every year by the US Department of State. The US government bears all expenses. Although applications vary, they are usually made online in November-December by filling out the form. Interviews are held with the students determined in January, and the process begins. Announcements are made on the university website and the social media pages of the Dean of Students. Since it is crucial to fill the forms correctly, each student is assisted in filling the form.


Şefika Nilay Onatça Graduated from Çağ University, Department of International Finance, (2013)

Hello, I am Şefika ONATCA, a 3rd-year international finance student. I spent the summer of 2013 in the USA. I was among the five student leaders selected from Turkey for public policy and government leadership training given in America. The program was unique; I can say that my perspective on life changed a lot in 7 weeks. First of all, we received five weeks of academic training from very valuable professors at the University of Massachusetts. We had trips to the most beautiful cities of the USA, such as New York Boston. We spent the last two weeks at Georgetown University in Washington DC. We had the opportunity to meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill, and we went to environments where no one could enter even if they paid money, even given our pocket money upon invitation. Six flags, home dinner with American families, Classic music concert, watching the National Baseball match on the site, ship tours, rock climbing, hiking, museums, outdoor games, barbecue parties and many more activities were provided. Each day was different and full of it. We worked with friends from all over the world, I learned about the culture of America and many parts of the world, and I made perfect friendships. It was an incredible experience for me; we both had fun and learned. My university has a significant role in being accepted to such a prestigious program because it teaches English. If a foreign language was not given such importance at my university and the language of instruction was not English, I would not have been eligible to be selected for this program. Only 14 people from Turkey were selected for the program, and the fact that at least one of these people is a student of Çağ University proves the success of my university in Turkey and the world. I want to thank all the Cağ University family, my professors and my family who supported me.


Volkan Güdelek Graduated from Çağ University, Department of International Finance (2012)

I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations. In 2011, I was one of the 20 'lucky' students across Turkey who won a leadership scholarship in the USA. When I say lucky, I realize that I was fortunate after those unforgettable four weeks in America because I could not have predicted that I would be treated so differently and positively before I left. The content of the leadership program and its professional preparation, a four weekday spent with activity; At the current point, I understand much better that travelling without breathing, exploring, having fun, as well as learning social entrepreneurship at an academic level and without being aware of the certificates I have gained, has contributed a lot to me. Especially the people of every nationality I know there, the connections I have made, the friendships I have made, and the fact that I can use this important reference in my subsequent academic and job applications has perhaps been the biggest reward for me in winning this scholarship. I am talking about the connections and friendships I have made about the connections and people that last. For example, the fact that the American Embassy in Adana is still in contact with me and regularly invites ex-student leaders and me to receptions and events, and our coordinator in America come to Turkey to visit all the students in their cities, how sincere these people are in their work and their cooperation, It shows how much they attach importance to cultural interaction. If I have to summarize, this different experience I had increased my self-confidence and the energy of the vision change enabled me to be successful in my school life and social life, maintain this success after 2011 and even make this success a habit. Every student who feels very good about foreign language at Çağ University, who is successful in classes and frequently participates in extracurricular activities, can experience this vital experience. For this reason, I think that this critical opportunity offered to us through our school should be taken seriously. Of course, being accepted into a severe program for a student's future is not something any student can do, so we should start this job by pursuing this critical opportunity, learning the program criteria to the smallest detail and making progress in that direction. If we want to make a difference in this competition by being aware of the globalizing world and experiencing its advantages while taking into account its disadvantages at the same time, we have to know that such programs are of vital importance.