Library Directorate


Çağ University Library was established in 1997 in order to provide all kinds of information and documents needed by the university's faculty members, students, administrative staff, graduates and others who are doing research in their education and free time activities, and to organize them within a certain system and make them available for use.

Çağ University Library aims to meet all kinds of information needs of its users in accordance with the mission and vision of the University. It plays an active role in making education active and participatory, and in gaining students the habit of doing independent research.

Our library aims to provide the most suitable environment to support teaching and research programs in line with the objectives of our university, to meet the information and document needs of lecturers, students and employees in all types and environments, to collect and benefit from the best information sources for research. Our library, located in the Information and Technology Center, which is built on an area of ​​10,000 m2 and has a closed area of ​​5556.37 m2, has an entrance, mezzanine, upper floor and terrace floors and a seating capacity of 1592 people.

In our library's collection, there are around 52847 printed books, 520.000 e-books, 650 titled printed magazines sorted from A to Z, 50.000 full-text e-journals and around 500 audio-visual (multimedia) information resources.