Student Administration


         The placement into the first cycle degree programmes is made solely  based on the scores obtained from this The Student Selection Examination (ÖSS). Students taking the exam make their choices of degree programmes, and send their list to The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), which is affiliated to The Higher Education Council (YÖK). The ÖSYM receives all the applications, group the applications with  respect to the score type and places the students with sufficient scores to one of the selections they have made. Students having the right to enrol will do their registrations on certain dates, usually the first week of September.Students who have started studies and achieved credits in other universities within or outside of the country may apply for their recognition. The recognition record is unique for each student and therefore the procedure is carried out accordingly before the start of each academic year.

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Çağ University Academic Rules and Regulations Regarding Undergraduate Degree Programs, Examinations and Assessment 



         The selection of foreign students for any undergraduate (first cycle) programmes into the higher education institutions in Turkey was also centrally managed via an examination called The Examination for Foreign Students (YÖS) organized by ÖSYM every year by 2010. However, after year 2010, the placement is made by each university freely rather than central exam made by OSYM. On the other hand, students wishing to transfer to one of our undergraduate programmes must apply directly to our university.

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Dırectıve Of The Prıncıples On Parallel Level Student Transfer From Overseas Hıgher Educatıon Instıtutıons



         Under an established exchange programme or the one approved by the University (such as the LLP Erasmus Programme), the exchange students from abroad may be accepted for studies in the relevant departmant. The International (Erasmus) Office representatives will direct the students from their first arrival till the last day of their stay. The documents needed for this process include a) application form, b) the letter of acceptance, c) the learning agreement, and d) an official letter to be received from the International Office addressed to the registrar. After enrollment is made the students are given a temporary student ID card to enable them to use the library and other university facilities stratight away, as well as an official letter to be used for the residence permit. Erasmus Office prepares all necessary documents with student and obtain residence permit in the first two weeks of student arrival.

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Regulatıons For The Transfer Between The Programs Of Assocıate Degree And Bachelor Degree