Institutional Policy

1.      Educational Policy of Çağ University; 

  • Giving education not depending on memorizing,
  • Forcing its students to be good researchers,
  • Wanting its students to be creative and open-minded,
  • Caring about course contents. Giving its students professional knowledge and also preparing them for demands of work life.
  • Doing the lessons in a practical way. With these policies, Çağ University's aim is to produce students who have the following qualities.
  • Having versatile, analytical and critical thinking.
  • Expressing themselves effectively.
  • Knowing good English.
  • Knowing a second language.
  • Inquiring, creative thinking.
  • Following and using the new technology.
  • Following current events at home and abroad.
  • Representing their country and institution in international areas.
  • Being a person who is wanted and preferred by other people.
  • Being a person who is prepared for social life.

 2.      Academic policies;

Çağ University believes that it can achieve these policies mentioned above with its full-time staff. For this reason eighty-seven percent are full-time employees.

In order to benefit from scientific developments, the university aims to hire part-time instructors. This will strengthen the relationship between the universities.

 3.      Environmental, cultural and sports policies;

 To prepare students for life, we believe that their social and sports skills should be developed.

In addition to this, one of the most important policies we have is to protect the environment and to make it more beautiful. In our university, we have social clubs, environmental clubs and sports club for different activities. Our culture directorship organizes these clubs and it's responsible for all the sport activities that take place in the university.

4.      Continuous education and the contribution policies for society;

 With the continuous educational projects,(which university plans to do with the help of local management, chamber of industry, chamber of commerce and non-governmental organizations) Çağ University aims to present seminars, courses for the people in the region to share knowledge.

 5.      Inquiring and developing policy;

 Inquiring, producing knowledge and spreading it around are Çağ University's priorities.