Space Observation Application and Research Center


Objectives, Scope, Basis and Definitions 

Purpose and Scope

ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose and scope of this Regulation is; to regulate the purpose, areas of activity, governing bodies, functions of the bodies, and the working conditions of the organs of Çağ University Space Observation, Application and Research Center that is established under Çağ University.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of (Republic of Turkey)- Higher Education Act No. 2547 dated 11.04.1981, Article 7, first clause, paragraph (d) sub-paragraph (2) and Article 14.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) In this Regulation; the terms has the following full meanings

a) Center (ÇAĞ-UGAM): Çağ University Space Observation, Practice and Research Center,

b) Advisory Committee; Advisory Committee of the Center,

c) Director: Director of the Center,

ç) Executive Committee: Executive Committee of the Center

d) Board of Trustees: Çağ University Board of Trustees,

e) Rector: Rector of Çağ University,

f) Senate: Senate of Çağ University,

g) University: Çağ University,

i) University Board of Administration: Çağ University Board of Administration

Objectives and Scope of Activities of the Center

The Purpose of the Center

ARTICLE 4 - (1) The purpose of the Center is; to carry out observations by Çağ University faculty members, teaching assistants and the students on the sky, celestial objects and events by using the University's observatory and other equipment during day and night time, to share the obtained results with the scientific world and public, to organize training, publications and other events.

Scope of Activities of the Center

ARTICLE 5 - (1) Center carries out the  following activities for its purpose: 
a) To organize demonstrations, observations, and research activities related to space and sky,
b) To perform promotional activities on and about space and celestial bodies, 
c) To prepare and manage research projects on space, 
ç) To introduce information and knowledge on space science and culture to the students and the public, 
d) To use and operate the University observatory and planetarium for its purposes, 
e) To carry out cooperation activities and joint projects with other universities, institutions and individuals, by using the University's observatory, planetarium and other tools and equipments.
f) To make scientific and technical consultancy to the relevant organizations, 
g) To establish a science center and museum on the subject within the University, to operate them and to cooperate with other relevant institutions and organizations in this regard, 
h) To perform activitres on the issues of space, the sky and the earth.  

Organs and Functions of the Center

Center Management Organs

ARTICLE 6 - (1) The management organs of the Center are;

a) Director of the Center,

b) Executive Committee, 
c) Advisory Board.

Director of the Center

ARTICLE 7 - (1) Director of the Center shall be appointed by the Rector for a period of three years, among the staff members of the University.  The appointment of Director of the Center shall be approved by the Presidency of the Board of Trustees. Director of the Center can be re-assigned after the term of office has expired, and also might be terminated before the end of the term of office. 
(2) Director of the Center may appoint a Deputy Director, among one of the members of the Center Executive Committee, for the assistance. The Deputy Director will be in charge, when the Director of the Center can not perform its duty due to absence, performance of other duties, illness, resignation and other related reasons. If the absence of duty takes more than six months, a new Director to the Center shall be appointed. When the duty of the Director ends, the duty of the Deputy Director also ends.

Duties of the Director of the Center

ARTICLE 8 - (1) Director of the Center, who is the highest authority responsible for management of the Center, has the following duties:

a) To represent the Centre and to ensure the execution of the Center's duties on a regular basis,

b) To implement the decisions taken by the Executive Committee and to carry out activities related to the Center,

c) To prepare the Center's annual report, to summon the Executive Committee when needed, to submit the reports for approval and to preside over the meetings,

ç) To carry out the administrative work of the Center and to provide coordination within the University on the related issues,

d) To take other decisions regarding the Center's work and to present them for approval by the Executive Committee, to preside over the meetings,

e) To help and guide the student clubs related to space and astronomy.

Executive Committee of the Center

ARTICLE 9 - (1) Executive Committee of the Center is composed of three members among the University's academic staff, who are suggested by University Board of Administrators and appointed by the President, for a period of three years. The members of the Executive Committee shall be approved by the Board of Trustees of Çağ University. The members whose terms have expired can be re-elected. Executive Committee decisions are taken by absolute majority. In case of equality of votes, the majority is deemed to be in the direction of the vote of Director of the Center.

The Duties of Executive Committee of the Center

ARTICLE 10 - (1) Center Executive Committee has the following dutres:

a) To take decisions on the work and management related issues of the Center, in accordance with its objectives,

b) To assess and give opinion on the annual work program, income-expenditure budget proposals that are proposed by Director,

c) To review and approve the Center's activities report and programs, to identify the principles of work programs for the following year,

ç) To develop proposals and projects regarding any matter within the Center’s area of work and operation, to evaluate project proposals and to help to the works of the Director.

Advisory Committee of the Center and Its Duties

ARTICLE 11 - (1) Advisory Committee of the Center is elected for three years and consists of members who are recommended by the Center Executive Board, favoured by the Director of the Center and chosen by the President. A President and a Vice-President to the Advisory Board can be elected among its members. 
(2) Advisory Committee of the Center meets at least once a year, and also on extraordinary cases, upon the invitations of Director of the Center.

(3) The duties of the Advisory Board of the Central are;

a) To advise on the works of the Center,

b) To give opinions and to make recommendations on the issues developed by the members or requested by the organs of the Center.



Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Personnel needs

ARTICLE 12 - (1) The academic, technical and administrative personnel needs of the Center are met by the personnel appointed by Rector according to Act No. 2547 Article 13.

Conditions outside the terms of the Regulation

ARTICLE 13 - (1) In case of absence provisions in this Regulation, Act No. 2547 and other relevant legislation provisions apply.


ARTICLE 14 - (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.


ARTICLE 15 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation shall be performed by the Rector of Çağ University.