1.Education Policy

Çağ University; aims to raise individuals who are creative, entrepreneurial, inquisitive, innovative, able to communicate effectively, aware of social and environmental problems, and who take responsibility. Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Provides a teaching environment conducive to the academic and social development of our students through our educational programs;

• Raises individuals equipped for professional life with student-centered, up-to-date teaching techniques and technology-supported educational contents and practice-oriented internship incentive programs;

•Enables the training of creative, critical thinking and researcher individuals thanks to its academic programs that encourage interdisciplinary course choices;

• Enables students to know English at a good level and to have a command of a second foreign language in order to prepare their students for becoming world citizens;

• Implements and manages the processes of measuring and evaluating student achievement consistently with contemporary and internationally valid principles;

• Makes the quality of education sustainable by regularly updating the course programs every year in line with stakeholder-oriented requirements and in line with National Qualifications Framework For Higher Education In Turkey (TYYÇ);

• Adopts the principles of academic honesty and the concepts of originality and honesty to its students and directing them to scientific research, teaching the procedures and principles to use information and resources in line with intellectual and industrial rights and to respect the rights of the authors;

• Manages all processes of education and training in accordance with the cycle of "Planning-Implementation-Controlling-Taking Measures (PDCA)"

Covid-19 Education & Training Policies

During the pandemic of Covid-19 (corona virus) which is being fought globally, as stated by the World Health Organization and our country's Ministry of Health, it is visible that physical contacts carried out face-to-face and without social distance limit increase the risk of catching the corona virus. Based on this situation, our university has taken numerous measures for the new academic year.                                                                  https://www.yok.gov.tr/Documents/Kurumsal/egitim_ogretim_dairesi/Uzaktan_ogretim/yuksekogretim_kurumlarinda_uzaktan_ogretime_iliskin_usul_ve_esaslar.pdf

Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Applies "Distance Education" in the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year;

• The planning, implementation and coordination of distance education applications is managed by Çağ University Distance Education Center unit (ÇUZEM);

• Ensures that students who are newly enrolled at our university are informed about their course schedules, academic calendar and announcements by closely following the information they will receive via our website www.cag.edu.tr and their e-mail addresses registered to the Registrar's Office;

• Announces the orientation calendar and plan on our website www.cag.edu.tr by including our newly-enrolled students in the orientation program by the academic units they enroll in

** Our education policies for the Covid-19 period are open to update and possible changes are announced on our website.

2. Internationalization Policy

Çağ University, as an institution with a universal understanding of education, adopts its internationalization policy as one of the main forces that provide competitive advantage in the fields of education and research and development. Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Aims to increase the international competitiveness of the institution to higher levels by increasing the number of foreign universities with international cooperation;

• Provides student and academics mobility for education and internship purposes through international collaborations, thus increases the international recognition of the institution;

• Increases the number of international students and providing cultural diversity through undergraduate and graduate programs;

• Contributes to the continuity of quality policies through collaborations with international accreditation institutions;

• Increases the international competitiveness of the institution and the country through academic studies carried out with researchers who are experts in research and development fields thanks to international collaborations.

3. Management Policy

Our university follows a democratic, transparent, continuous improvement and ethical value-oriented management policy in line with its values ​​and goals. Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Provides a safe and peaceful working environment at high quality standards in line with the corporate principles;

• Supports academic and personal development by employing highly qualified academic and administrative staff;

• Carries out studies on the communication of corporate culture with stakeholders aiming to spread and adopt the corporate culture with correct communication;

• Implements the necessary improvement activities as a result of the annual activities reported by the relevant administrative units and the evaluations made by the rectorate unit in order to sustain the quality standards of the institution;

• Ensures the efficient use of resources and their transfer to relevant units;

• Compatible with its mission and strategies and its organizational and managerial structure in order to realize its vision;

• Carries out the quality assurance system by taking into account the leadership element by management units and administrative units;

• Benefits from systems and mechanisms that support information management by establishing a strong and effective information infrastructure in order to manage the information in the institution;

• Aims to improve the social responsibility and sustainability values ​​of our students by applying the "Principles for Responsible Business Education" (PRME) approach within the scope of the United Nations Global Compact, in order to raise the leaders of today and the future.

4. Environment, Culture and Sports Policies

Çağ University attaches importance to the scientific and technological development of its students as well as their cultural, artistic and sportive development. Our university encourages to be sensitive and responsible for nature and environmental problems and supports projects on these issues. Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Provides an ideal campus environment for students to become social individuals and improve their personal competencies with student clubs focused on culture, sports and environmental issues;

• Develops social responsibility and sustainability-oriented projects with student clubs;

• Supports activities that will increase environmental responsibility in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact;

• Adopts the "Sustainable Development Goals" adopted by the United Nations;

• Apply environmental awareness and recycling awareness within the campus;

• Enabling and supporting cultural activities such as theater, cinema, concert, dance and chess on campus;

• Providing necessary physical spaces for students to participate in sports activities and increase their activities.

5. Policies for Contributing to Society

Çağ University attaches importance to awareness of the socio-economic, cultural and ecological problems of the region and bears a sense of responsibility. Our aim in this direction is being a university, which:

• Develops "continuing education projects" in a solution-oriented approach to social problems with local governments, chambers of industry and commerce, bar associations, non-governmental organizations;

• Produces the information required by our region and country, enabling the dissemination of this knowledge to the society and identifies new research areas;

• Establishes research centers for the planning and coordination of research and projects to be carried out in the determined needs and research areas;

• Helps academics working in different fields of science and experts in their fields to share and transfer their knowledge with every age and every segment of the society through ÇAĞSEM (Continuing Education Application and Research Center), so that anyone who wants to acquire expertise, profession or job, gain knowledge and skills or consultancy service and helps people to receive trainings that will help the development of the educational and cultural level of the society;

• Contributes to sustainable social and economic development in social, economic and cultural fields through strategic alliances with external stakeholders.

6. Research and Development Policy

At our university, research and development studies are carried out to generate knowledge and value with an innovative and creative perspective. In parallel with the strategic goals of our university, our main goal is to increase our scientific research potential by conducting qualified research and publications at national and international level in current research fields. Our aim in this direction, is being a university, which:

• Benefits form the relevant innovations effectively in research and development processes by following the technological developments closely;

• Encourages the research activities of its academic staff and students by providing the necessary technological and financial infrastructure for the development of Research&Development activities;

• Gives priority to benefiting regional and national based social problems with an interdisciplinary approach;

• Encourages their participation in scientific meetings and educational activities like lecturers conferences, congresses, etc.;

• Implements an additional rewarding system in addition to the award given by TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in order to increase the number of articles published in international refereed journals (SCI, SCI-E, SSCI publications);

• Aims to expand the research ecosystem by encouraging faculty members to conduct research and publications and increasing the number of publications and projects in national and international fields thanks to the 'Scientific Research Project Unit' that it includes.

• Determines the methods of monitoring, dissemination and dissemination of research outputs and results.

7. Barrier-Free University Policy

As Çağ University, improving the education and living space of each student is one of the primary goals of our institution. The academic, administrative, physical, psychological and social needs of our disabled students studying at our university are determined and sustainable solutions are produced in order to facilitate their education lives. It is our primary principle that our disabled students have equal rights and opportunities with other students.

In parallel with the goals we have adopted within the scope of the Barrier-Free University Policy, our institution has been awarded the "The Award of Accessibility in Space" in the "Barrier-Free University" awards organized by YÖK (The Council of Higher Education) in 2020, with 841 applications from 116 different universities.

In parallel with the studies of our university for disabled students, our aim is being a university, which:

• Provides consultancy services;

• Provides resource support;

• Provides course support;

• Provides in-campus transportation support;

• Organizes Campus orientation

• Provides seminar and training support.