Board of Trustees

  • Documents that should be sent and issues that should be taken into consideration during the membership and presidential elections of the board of trustees

Documents Required to be Regularly Submitted by Foundation Higher Education Institutions

      March 31

 * According to Article 25 of the Foundation Higher Institutions Regulation, the deadline for sending two copies of certified balance sheets and examples of Board of Trustees decisions showing       authorizations related to expenses, approved by Sworn Financial Advisors

* Deadline for sending lists of real estate and rights belonging to Foundation Universities and Foundation Vocational Schools (Appendix- Table2)

Points to Consider

  • In accordance with Article 31 of the Foundation Higher Education Institution Regulation, “Purchase and Tender Regulations” must be sent to our Presidency before being published in Official Gazette.
  • Purchase and Tender Regulation:
  • Changes in the Board of Trustees:
    • Changes in the Board of Trustees according to Article 20 of the Foundation Higher Education Institutions Regulation must be reported to our Presidency by the Board of Trustees Chairmanship of the Higher Education Institution within one month at the latest.
  •  Requests for Changes in Establishment Commitments:
    • Requests for changes in commitments made by Foundation Institutions during the establishment of higher education institutions, in accordance with Article 9 of Law No.2547 on Higher Education and the Foundation Higher Education Institutions Regulation, must be reported to our Presidency after the legal entity of the higher education institution is obtained and  before the application for starting education and training.
  • Special Accounting Period
    • The requirement for all foundation higher education institutions to transition to the “Special Accounting Period” (September 01-August 31) is declared to foundation higher education institutions with the letter dated January 09, 2008, by our Presidency(Appendix-Letter).