International Accreditation at Cag University

Another first from Cag University

Always breaking new grounds, Cag University English Preparatory School has achieved a proud success in the international arena.

Having been assessed according to ‘Pearson Assured’, an international, impartial and independent quality control benchmarking, and found to have complied with 68 quality standards set out by the organization, English Preparatory School which has been delivering an outstanding performance has completed the assessment process and become accredited at an international level. Thus, it has become the first university to have such accreditation in the region.

Collaborating with 97% of the universities in the UK and operating nearly in 100 countries, ‘Pearson’ has assessed Cag University English Preparatory School according to the basic quality criteria such as administration, organization, physical resources, facilities provided to students, quality, design and delivery of education, recruitment and qualification of instructors, accuracy and accessibility of records, and testing-evaluation, and following this evaluation and examination, Cag University English Preparatory School was awarded ‘Pearson Assured’ Status. As one of the most prestigious and established educational institutions, Pearson also incorporates some prominent corporations such as The Financial Times and Penguin Readers.

Works carried out by English Preparatory School are of international standards

In his statement delivered, the Rector of Cag University Prof. Dr. Unal Ay said “The aim of language education is to provide students with foreign language skills and to raise students as productive individuals and leaders who represent contemporary values in both national and international areas and make use of their dynamism in these competitive areas. As a world-class university, the medium of instruction at Cag University has always been 100% English since the first day it was founded in 1997, with the aim of drawing attention to the significance of foreign language in international settings. Moreover, such accreditations are one of the primary issues on which European University Association and the Council of Higher Education place importance. We are deeply glad that such a success has been achieved at the end of 6-month hard work. I would like to thank the accreditation team of English Preparatory School for their endeavors.

The Director of Cag University English Preparatory School Hamdi Onal made a statement at the accreditation introductory meeting and said “The quality assurance and accreditation service provided by the world-renowned ‘Pearson Assured’ is highly important in order to be acknowledged at an international level. Together with this accreditation, it has been certified that all works carried out by Cag University English Preparatory School are of international standards. Students, if they wish, will be entitled to receive a certificate stating the program they successfully completed has been accredited by ‘Pearson Assured’, which means the quality of the program is under assurance, and this certificate will give a reference about their educational background. Thanks to this certificate, students will be able to show that they have satisfying academical and professional qualifications, and with such a reference, they may pursue career in the USA, Europe and Middle East.”