Law Faculty


1. Apart from the adequately covered theoretical knowledge, obtain information about legal methodology to resolve the disputes.

2. Have general information about fundamental national and international legal regulation, case law and their implementation (such as in Commercial Law, Tax Law, EU Law).

3. Research and gain resolution skills in areas specifically covered by the law degree program, by using the information derived from theoretical knowledge and legal methodology.

4. Acquire the ability to balance mutual rights and interests of the parties within the framework of an advanced notion of justice

5. Have creative and contructive talents regarding positive law through benefitting from other academic disciplines (such as politics and economy).

6. Apart from individual achievement, acquire skills for collective work through the classroom activities, moot court, court practice and other professional and academic visits.

7. Acquire in-depth legal knowledge through elective courses,encouraged and open to innovation.

8. Have the ability to use computer in order to obtain the required information for legal research.

9. Have a good level of English knowledge in order to understand an English article or book, interpret English legal texts, as well as to review and indicate opinions about national and international court decisions in the English language.

10. Improve written and oral communication skills.

11. Absorb universal ethical and cultural values, as well as being conscious about the importance of the protection of the environment, occupational health and safety issues.