Faculty of Arts and Sciences

               Çağ University Faculty of Arts and Sciences consists of the Department of English Language Teaching, the most widely acknowledged language of our century; the Department of Turkish Language and Literature that includes symbolic thinking of human beings and its transformation into society; and Psychology Department, the science of reproduction of behavior and mental processes.

                  In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the most up-to-date approaches in their fields of science, educational and training programs arranged in a way to include contemporary developments with advanced technical-educational opportunities are applied. All courses and seminars are conducted by experienced and competent faculty members in the classrooms providing computer control and visual presentation facilities, equipped with internet-connected projectors and modern presentation facilities. In addition, the faculty encompasses an “Active Learning Workshop”, a “Language Space”, a “Creative Writing Workshop” and “Özgecan Psychology Laboratory”.

                  Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides students the most advanced and modern knowledge to be used in their academic and professional lives. The faculty also aims to provide students the experience they may need in their private and social lives. As a result of this perspective, students are trained with a critical and inquisitive approach to express their opinions in their own fields as well as in other disciplines.

                   Faculty of Arts and Sciences encourages students to participate in social activities such as theater, seminar, travel and club activities and help them gain leadership qualities they will need in their professional and social lives.



Prof. Dr. Deniz A. GÜLER

Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences