As a higher institution at the tertiary level, Cag University has a mission to provide world-class education and training; to train individuals who put emphasis on free thought and creativity, who have universal values and a global vision, who have the principle to reach the level of contemporary civilization in accordance with Kemalist thought and who have acquired the necessary qualifications required by the changes to train other individuals to be ready for a life that will lead to social development.

We accomplish this mission   through an innovative academic program, to develop individuals who are creative and enlightened, who have a global perspective, enriched with the ability to think and express his/her opinion independently.

The vision of Cag University is; “To be the center of creating and sharing knowledge through quality education and training both in the national and international arena.” With this vision in mind, Cag University has been continuously expanding the number of its international partners and its visibility in the international arena.

We strongly believe in the fundamental values of Justice / Fairness Transparency, Continuous improvement and development (Innovation and Perfectionism), Cooperation, Sense of duty and responsibility, scientific autonomy, Innovativeness, Creativity and Leadership and will continue focusing on them during 2021-2027 Erasmus Programs