Student Administration


      Education is subject to the tuition fee at Cag University. The tuition fee for the students who are going to register in the academic year of 2018-2019 is 27.950,00 TL for the 4-year-departments and 13.975,00 TL for the vocational high school 2-year-programs. (8% tax is included.)The first installment of the tuition fee for 4-year-departments is 6.350,00 TL; for 2-year-departments it is 3.625,00 TL. The installment will be paid according to the payment plan that is announced on our web page.

      The students who are going to register in the Academic year of 2018-2019 have to pay their first installments into the bank branch.

 Title Çağ University
 Bank Türkiye İş Bankası
 Branch Commercial (Adana)
 Branch code 6070
 Account number 0003122
 4 year departments 6.350,00 TL
 2 year departments 3.625,00 TL
 For 4 year departments
 25% scholarship 5.215,00 TL
 50% scholarship 3.625,00 TL
 75% scholarship 1.890,00 TL
 For the Vocational High School Departments
 25% scholarship 3.130,00 TL
 50% scholarship 1.890,00 TL
75% scholarship 895,00 TL


        The scholarship that is provided for the students who are placed in the scholarship programs covers only the tuition fee.Our scholarship is unrequited and it covers the period that may be spent at the Preparatory School. The tuition fee scholarship covers the students who are placed in the departments that announce to take scholarship students.