Our university offers the candidates who apply for PhD and Thesis/Non-Thesis Master’s Degree programs scholarships (25%, 50% or 75%), depending on their ALES exam scores. Moreover, 50% scholarship is offered for the graduates of Cag University undergraduate programs.

        The scholarships earned cover 2 years / 4 semesters in thesis / non-thesis graduate programs, and 4 years / 8 semesters in doctoral programs.

      Candidates who will apply for Thesis/Non-Thesis Business Administration, Thesis/Non-Thesis Health Care Management, Thesis/Non-Thesis International Relations and Globalization, Thesis/Non-Thesis International Trade and Marketing, Thesis/Non-Thesis Public Law, Thesis/Non-Thesis Private Law, Thesis/Non-Thesis Psychology, Thesis English Language Teaching, and Thesis Turkish Language and Literature Master’s programs, and Business Administration PhD and English Language Teaching PhD program, depending on their ALES exam score, may be awarded a scholarship.

ALES score 60.00-64.99:  25% scholarship
ALES score 65.00-79.99:  50% scholarship
ALES score 80.00-higher: 75% scholarship.


            In addition, a maximum of 2 students will be awarded a 100% Scholarship during their education in a master's or doctoral program with thesis. The condition for winning a 100% Scholarship will be determined as 2 students who have received the highest score of any type of score from a valid ALES according to the pre-purchase condition.


      In addition, those who graduated from Çağ University undergraduate programs, Business Administration with Thesis / without Thesis, Healthcare Institutions with Thesis / without Thesis, International Relations and Globalization with Thesis / without Thesis, International Trade and Marketing with Thesis / without Thesis, Public Law with Thesis / without Thesis, Private Law with Thesis / without Thesis Scholarships are also offered to those who apply to Psychology Thesis / Non-Thesis, English Language Education with Thesis and Turkish Language and Literature Master's Programs. Graduates of Çağ University undergraduate programs applying to these Master's Programs with / without Thesis; If they meet the general application conditions (those who get at least 55,000 - 79,999 points from any score type from ALES) earn 50% scholarship, those who have at least 80,000 or above from any of the ALES points can obtain 75% scholarship.