Institute of Social Sciences

Students who have successfully completed the Master Program in International Relations and Globalization should be able to

1. Follow, define and analyze current developments in the field at the national and international level and critically interpret the results by using information technology products.

2. Use management techniques such as teamwork, managerial skills and interpersonal communication in work environment.

3. Use the knowledge, skills and competencies obtained in the learning process in different environments of work life in written and oral form.

4. Deal with the main actors, events, concepts and global developments and their relations in the field of International Relations with a basic interdisciplinary approach.

5. Associate different perspectives in political, social and economic fields with the subjects encountered and analyze them by using international relations theories.

6. Solve problems with innovative and creative approaches by using management skills in changing environmental conditions.

7. Create sensitivity to environmental factors in social, cultural and scientific fields.

8. Combine knowledge with theoretical approach in order to reach the most appropriate solution.