Institute of Social Sciences


A successful candidate should be able to:

  1. Develop the theoretical knowledge acquired at undergraduate level on the basis of the information in the field of public law at expertise level and understand the interdisciplinary interaction.
  2. Combine theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Public law with new gained information from different disciplinary areas; and resolve the disputes, especially those related to judicial organs, with using scientific research methods.
  3. Develop new strategic approaches and produce solutions regarding special problems in the field of Public law practice, especially at those common disputes at the judicial bodies.
  4. Evaluate information in the field of public law, with a critical eye to the rules of positive law, carry out independent advanced studies, prepare legislation considering the social needs.
  5. Follow up the developments in the field of public law discipline and national and international judicial decisions; transfer their own work with other disciplines in a systematic way.
  6. Communicate verbally and in writing at least with one foreign language; use advanced information and communication technologies with required level of computer software in the area.
  7. Data collection in the field Public law, its interpretation, taking into consideration the scientific and ethical values at the introduction of social stages, as well as teach and control over these values.
  8. Implement absorbed information in the field of public law and problem solving techniques at inter-disciplinary studies.