Institute of Social Sciences


A student who successfully completes the Health Care Management Master's Program;

PO 1. Have the ability to apply different leadership styles in different situations in hospitals.

PO 2. Can develop and apply the most appropriate motivation techniques by determining motivation needs for different environments in different departments of hospitals.

PO 3. Can detect and analyze problems in hospitals and develop solution methods.

PO 4. Can develop and implement the most appropriate decision-making processes within the organizational structure.

PO 5. Can apply the most appropriate contemporary management concepts and techniques to different managerial problems.

PO 6. Understands and analyzes the possible effects of economic developments on hospitals and can make the most appropriate decisions for these situations.

PO 7. Can develop and apply contemporary human resources management concepts and techniques.

PO 8. Able to evaluate the financial situation of hospitals by analyzing financial statements.

PO 9. Monitors the developments in international markets regarding hospitals and evaluates their effects on the hospital.