Institute of Social Sciences

Master of Business Administration Program Outputs

A student who successfully completes the Master of Business Administration Program;

PO 1. Will be able to communicate effectively and professionally in different business environments.

PO 2. Will be able to use modern management tools and techniques against different managerial problems.

PO 3. Will be able to perform business management functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, human resources and production concepts and models in organizations and establish the relationships between them.

PO 4. Will be able to evaluate the potential effects of economic conditions on the business and make appropriate decisions to cope with these conditions.

PO 5. Will be able to coordinate management functions such as planning, organization, management and control in different business environments.

PO 6. Will be able to demonstrate effective leadership behavior in different business environments.

PO 7. Will be able to follow trends in international markets and analyze their potential effects on managerial decisions.

PO 8. Will be able to use appropriate motivation techniques in various work environments.

PO 9. Will be able to apply appropriate decision-making processes in organizations.